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Functional Capsules Male Potency


Nutriboty Male Potency Functional Capsules are a practical and natural way to improve male sexual performance and fertility .

Rich in B vitamins, flavonoids and minerals such as zinc and magnesium, they promote increased testosterone levels and, consequently, libido. They also regulate erectile function and improve sperm mobility and viability.

Can be used for:

  • Increase the production of testosterone and transform it into Dihydrotestosterone, a potent sex hormone, thanks to the action of Tribulus terrestris , known in Angola as "Hongo";
  • Regulate erectile function due to the presence of B-complex vitamins, which induce the production of prostaglandin D2, a bioactive lipid involved in the vasodilation of penile tissue;
  • Facilitate sperm count, mobility and viability thanks to the antioxidant action of the flavonoids present in the African Basil leaf;
  • Prevent erectile dysfunction thanks to the action of Baobab leaf, rich in zinc and magnesium.

Take one capsule twice daily with meals.


Tribulus terrestris leaf 30%, Moringa leaf ( Moringa oleífera ) 25%, Tribulus terrestris fruit 20%, African basil leaf ( Ocimum kilimandscharicum ) 15% and Baobab leaf ( Adansonia digitata ) 10%.

Nutritional Declaration - per 100g (RDA%) :
Energy - 250kcal (13%); Lipids - 1.4g of which saturated: 0.36g; Carbohydrates - 18.3g of which sugars 4.2g; Fiber - 41.9g (140%) of which insoluble: 31.3g; Proteins - 20.1g; Salt - 0.20g (4%); Vitamin C - 50.1mg (63%); Vitamin E - 36.1mg (241%); Vitamin B3 - 2.43mg (16%); Vitamin B6 - 0.86mg (61%); Vitamin B2 - 0.63mg (49%); Vitamin K - 0.60mg (571%); Vitamin B1 - 0.37mg (31%); Vitamin B9 - 0.33mg (83%); Calcium - 2520mg (252%); Potassium - 1910mg (47%); Magnesium - 571mg (156%); Phosphorus - 406mg (58%); Iron - 26.4mg (139%); Zinc - 7.59mg (69%); Copper - 980mcg (109%); Selenium - 33mcg (60%).