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Baobab Leaves Natural Supplement Powder


Baobab is a sacred tree and is considered a superfood. Nutriboty 's Baobab Leaves Natural Supplement contains a high content of fiber, B vitamins and iron, which fight physical and mental fatigue . It also contains calcium, which prevents osteoporosis . Its powder presentation is very versatile, as it allows various forms of preparation.

Can be used for:

  • Combat constipation, increasing the volume of stools and stimulating peristaltic movements, thanks to its high fiber content;
  • Regulate the nervous system due to the action of vitamin B2;
  • Regulate blood glucose levels thanks to the presence of vitamin B3. This vitamin is also essential for the synthesis of sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone;
  • Regulate the cardiovascular and nervous systems due to the action of vitamin B12;
  • Promote bone health thanks to its high content of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus;
  • Regulate insulin and blood glucose due to the presence of magnesium;
  • Help energy metabolism and the functioning of cell membranes due to the action of phosphorus;
  • Maintain muscle mass thanks to protein;
  • Improve reflexes and coordination as well as protect cells from oxidation through vitamin E.

Add a level teaspoon of Baobab leaf powder to your favorite dishes, juices and smoothies. When preparing fresh pasta, cakes and breads, you can also exchange part of the flour for Baobab leaf powder for a meal that is richer in nutrients and with a more attractive color!

Nutritional Declaration - per 100g (RDA%):

Energy Kj/Kcal - 1048/255, 8400/2000; Lipids - 6.3g of which 1.8g saturated; Carbohydrates - 11.5g of which sugars 3.2g; Fiber - 52.4g (873%) of which 43.6g insoluble; Proteins - 11.8g (23.6%); Salt - 0.1g (1.6%); Vitamin B2 - 15.37mg (1100%); Vitamin B3 - 20.33mg (135%); Vitamin B12 - 4.55ug (190%); Vitamin E - 8.3mg (69%); Vitamin K – 63ug (60%); Calcium - 2020mg (252%); Copper - 0.4mg (40%); Iron - 9.6mg (69%); Magnesium - 500mg (133%); Phosphorus - 500mg (71%); Potassium - 828mg (41%)


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.