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Neem Natural Supplement Capsules


Neem is known as “nature's pharmacy” in the country of origin. Nutriboty's Natural Neem Supplement has numerous anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-ulcerogenic, antiviral and antioxidant properties . The anti-inflammatory ability of Neem leaves also helps in preventing various types of cancer.

Can be used for:

  • Strengthen the immune system and fight aging due to the presence of vitamin C. This vitamin also has antioxidant properties;
  • Improve reflexes and coordination as well as protect cells from oxidation through vitamin E;
  • Improve blood clotting due to the action of vitamin K;
  • Maintain the health of the intestinal tract thanks to its high fiber content;
  • Promote bone health thanks to its high calcium content;
  • Improve cognitive function thanks to the presence of iron.

Take one capsule twice daily with meals.


Azadirachta indica leaf.

Nutritional Declaration - per 100g (RDA%):

Energy – 246kcal (12%); Lipids – 0.6g of which saturated: 0.18g; Carbohydrates – 24.6g of which 7.4g sugars; Fiber – 44.0g (147%) of which insoluble: 13.3g; Proteins – 14.9g; Salt - 0.02g (0%); Vitamin C – 762mg (953%); Vitamin E – 40.9mg (273%); Vitamin B3 – 2.42mg (16%); Vitamin B6 – 1.18mg (84%); Vitamin B2 – 0.49mg (37%); Vitamin K – 593mcg (565%); Calcium – 2810mg (281%); Potassium – 1030mg (25%); Magnesium – 485mg (133%); Phosphorus – 326mg (47%); Iron – 10.2mg (54%); Zinc – 1.91mg (17%); Selenium – 150mcg (273%).


Regular consumption of this supplement can have some side effects, the most important being temporary loss of male fertility. Just stop taking the supplement for the symptoms to disappear.