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Moringa and Lemon Eucalyptus Soap


Nutriboty's Moringa and Eucalyptus Lemon Soap is 100% plant-based and made with ingredients of natural origin. It combines the hydrating oil of Moringa and Eucalyptus-Lemon, which gives the skin freshness, lightness and a feeling of cleanliness .

It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which cleanse the skin and fight bad odors.

Moringa and Lemon Eucalyptus Soap can be used for:

  • Disinfect through its antibacterial and antiviral effects;
  • Dry skin, as Moringa oil moisturizes the skin in depth;
  • Act as a deodorant given its antibacterial properties, which help fight bacteria that cause bad odor;
  • Act as a repellent due to the action of citriodiol present in the essential oil of Eucalyptus-Lemon.

Usage tip: apply on wet skin in circular motions. Rinse immediately.


Floral water*, Moringa oleifera saponified fatty acids *, cera alba, glycerin***, Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil *, citronellol**, limonene**, geraniol** and sodium hydroxide.

*It comes from organic farming.

** Naturally present in the essential oil.

***Results from the saponification process.


Natural soaps dissolve easily in water. That's why they should be placed on top of a soap dish with holes. They also have a mild aroma, as essential oils are natural fragrances.

Avoid contact with eyes and, if irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.