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Super Infusion of Lavender Flowers


Lavender is often used to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia. Nutriboty's Super Infusion of Lavender Flowers is rich in flavonoids, which act on the nervous system , promoting the reduction of anxiety and a better quality of life. Helps reduce everyday stress and improves sleep quality .

Can be used for:

  • Promote tranquility, calm and relaxation;
  • Purify the organism;
  • Inspiring good mood;
  • Help with anxiety, stress and insomnia.

To prepare the infusion, use one teaspoon per cup of water (approximately 200 ml). As soon as the water boils, turn off the stove and add the flower dosage accordingly. Then, just wait 15 minutes for them to release their compounds into the water. Strain the herbs and it's ready to drink. If you prefer to drink your infusion cold, you can add ice or make a cold infusion by leaving the flowers in water in the fridge overnight for a minimum of 7 hours.


Dehydrated Lavandula flowers.