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Mucua Kernel Natural Supplement Capsules


Fruit of the Bamboo, Múcua is a super fruit exceptionally rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Nutriboty's Natural Mucua Brain Supplement is excellent for strengthening bones and preventing colds . Its high fiber content also promotes intestinal health .

Can be used for:

  • Maintain the health of the intestinal tract, fight high cholesterol and control appetite thanks to its high fiber content;
  • Strengthen the immune system and fight aging due to the presence of vitamin C. This vitamin also has antioxidant properties;
  • Maintain the proper functioning of the nervous and circulatory system through the action of potassium;
  • Promote bone health thanks to its high content of calcium and magnesium;
  • Regulate insulin and blood glucose due to the presence of magnesium.

Take one capsule twice daily with meals.

Nutritional Declaration - per 100g (RDA%):

Energy Kj/Kcal - 761/187, 8400/2000; Lipids <0.1g of which saturated <0.1g; Carbohydrates - 10.9g of which sugars 8.3g; Fiber - 67.1g of which 16.8g insoluble; Proteins - 2.3g; Salt - 0.043g; Vitamin C - 160mg (200%); Calcium - 290mg (36%); Potassium - 1870mg (62%); Magnesium - 150mg (40%)