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Natural Moringa Seed Kernel Supplement Capsules


Known as the “Tree of Life,” Moringa is a nutritional treasure. Nutriboty's Natural Moringa Seed Kernel Supplement is a convenient way to get high fiber content, which naturally regulates bowel functions . It is very caloric and rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which promotes healthy weight gain .

Can be used for:

  • Improve intestinal health and reduce cholesterol through fiber;
  • Improve eye health thanks to the high content of vitamin A;
  • Maintain muscle mass due to the action of protein;
  • Reduce LDL cholesterol and gain weight in a healthy way, as it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids

Take one capsule twice daily with meals.

Nutritional Declaration - per 100g (RDA%):

Energy Kj/Kcal - 2217/533, 8400/2000; Lipids - 36.1g of which 6.7g are saturated, of which 29.7g are monounsaturated; Omega 9 - 26.6g; Carbohydrates - 10g of which 6.4g sugars; Fiber - 7.7g of which 6.8g insoluble; Protein - 35.8g; Salt - 0.09g; Vitamin A - 159mg (20%); Vitamin B3 - 18.92mg (126%); Vitamin E - 103mg (859%); Potassium - 660 mg (33%)