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Baobab Leaves Natural Supplement Capsules


Baobab is a sacred tree and is considered a superfood. Nutriboty 's Baobab Leaves Natural Supplement contains a high content of fiber, B vitamins and iron, which fight physical and mental fatigue . It also contains calcium, which prevents osteoporosis .

Can be used for:

  • Combat constipation, increasing the volume of stools and stimulating peristaltic movements, thanks to its high fiber content;
  • Regulate the nervous system due to the action of vitamin B2;
  • Regulate blood glucose levels thanks to the presence of vitamin B3. This vitamin is also essential for the synthesis of sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone;
  • Regulate the cardiovascular and nervous systems due to the action of vitamin B12;
  • Promote bone health thanks to its high content of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus;
  • Regulate insulin and blood glucose due to the presence of magnesium;
  • Help energy metabolism and the functioning of cell membranes due to the action of phosphorus;
  • Maintain muscle mass thanks to protein;
  • Improve reflexes and coordination as well as protect cells from oxidation through vitamin E;
  • Help in the synthesis of blood cells thanks to the presence of iron.

Take one capsule twice daily with meals.

Nutritional Declaration - per 100g (RDA%):

Energy Kj/Kcal - 1048/255, 8400/2000; Lipids - 6.3g of which 1.8g saturated; Carbohydrates - 11.5g of which sugars 3.2g; Fiber - 52.4g (873%) of which 43.6g insoluble; Proteins - 11.8g (23.6%); Salt - 0.1g (1.6%); Vitamin B2 - 15.37mg (1100%); Vitamin B3 - 20.33mg (135%); Vitamin B12 - 4.55ug (190%); Vitamin E - 8.3mg (69%); Vitamin K – 63ug (60%); Calcium - 2020mg (252%); Copper - 0.4mg (40%); Iron - 9.6mg (69%); Magnesium - 500mg (133%); Phosphorus - 500mg (71%); Potassium - 828mg (41%)