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Blend of Oils for Male Potency


For men, good sexual performance can be associated with the strength and durability of erection during intercourse. The Nutriboty Male Potency Oil Blend is composed of a mixture of essential oils that have stimulating properties of erogenous zones and provide a feeling of freshness and comfort, which can lead to a longer duration of the sexual act .

It can be used to naturally stimulate a stronger and more durable erection.

Usage tip: apply topically to the erogenous zone(s) and massage to stimulate absorption. Do it 30 minutes to 1 hour before sex.


Moringa oleifera seed oil, Ocimum basilicum oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil*, Lavandula sp essential oil. , limonene**, linalool**, citronellol**, geraniol** and eugenol**.

*Ingredients of biological origin

**Allergens naturally present in essential oils.

Active ingredients: basil, rosemary and lavender.


It does not replace medical advice for men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

The effectiveness of the result is conditioned by emotional factors, age and health pre-conditions that can directly affect the individual's sexual performance.